Seasonal Affective Disorder


I love this time of year. If there were a land where it was autumn all the time I would live there! It’s my favorite season, and one that doesn’t last very long where I live. In Utah we joke about having only two seasons—summer and winter. In reality, we do have spring and fall as well, they just usually last two to three weeks is all. And the rest of the year it’s either hot and dry or cold and dry—like bitterly cold and really dry.

Even though I’m loving the weather and the colorful leaves on the mountains, it’s like my body can feel the change that’s around the corner, anticipating the cold, the gray, the snow . . . the darkness. I’ve been really depressed this morning. I could attribute that to the chaos in my house right now—after having gotten back from a trip last week—having to play catch up and a million other things on my mind. But I think most of it is the seasonal affective disorder kicking in early. I shouldn’t be this sad. There’s no reason. And yet, I’m trying so hard right now, have been all morning, to keep the tears back and just do what needs to be done rather than getting back in bed and crying like a baby until it’s time to pick my son up from school.

So I’m wondering, does anyone else out there have seasonal affective disorder? If you do, is there anything you do to help combat it? And if so, please share. We—I—could use some suggestions.

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