Rise Up


It’s actually sort of funny how people who hate, judge and condemn actually think their scare tactics will work. Or at least think they will work on me. I’m not some stupid, naive, timid woman who let’s others roll over her or gives into jerks who get an adrenaline rush bullying those they think are smaller and weaker. When pushed, I push back. When beaten to within an inch of my life, I get back up. Not only do I get back up, I get back up stronger and wiser. When assumed dead, I rise up above the black pit of haters, judgers, and condemners and don’t look back.

2 thoughts on “Rise Up

    • We can. It can be difficult, especially when there are people who are supposed to be family or friends, people who are supposed to care about you, who, in the end, seek to destroy you. But it’s better to stand up, rise above and not let it destroy you.

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