Remember the Good

My writing has been random, sporadic and emotionally driven lately. That’s because life has been crazy. I’ve received renewed attacks on my character, who I am as a person, how I’m living my life and raising my kids. I’ve been dealing with this harassment for over a year now, from members of my own family. Most of it has come in the form of emails, texts, messages, comments on my blog, even a letter in the mail, though there have been in-person harassment as well. I’ve been threatened with physical violence. I’ve been judged and condemned. I’ve feared for the safety and well-being of my two children. Despite the fact that this cycle has repeated every few months I kept thinking and hoping it would end. But it hasn’t. And it still hurts. It still drags me down. It still makes me wonder if it’s all true and I deserve to be treated this way.


Today, however, I’m reminded of the good in the world, that there are good people in this world. As I was pulling out of my driveway to take my son to school this morning I noticed a big Christmas bag on my front porch. When I got home I brought it in and discovered three gifts inside, one for each of my kids and me. I don’t know who they’re from. It was just signed, “A Friend.” But it means so much to me. It’s good to remember that, despite the fact that the world is full of people who hate and want to destroy, there are also good people who want to lift and do good. It inspires me to try to be better. I want to be that example to my daughter and son, the example of good in the world. I’m certainly not perfect, I have many flaws, and I will be the first to admit that. But I always seek improvement, strive to make myself a better person so I can be that example.

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