Is There a Point?


Sometimes I wonder if there’s a point in continuing to do this – to do anything, really, I guess. What’s the point of any of it? I try so hard, yet I never seem to be able to move forward in life. This road I’m on is full of speed bumps of disappointment, u-turns of mistakes and crashes of hurt. How do you keep going when you see nothing but fog and darkness ahead?



4 thoughts on “Is There a Point?

  1. I’m working on that one my self. I trust that the Lord has a plan that doesn’t involve me being tormented all the time. My patients is wearing thin though. I could use someone to talk to if you are ever keen.Take care.

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  2. At least one reason to keep going is that there are people like me who read your blog and because of the words you share feel understood, validated, and encouraged.

    I know it helps me at dark times to remember previous dark times when I felt like giving up, and then to remember all the good things that have happened since then that would not have happened if I had just given up then. There are good things ahead for you! Hang on!

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    • Thank you so much. Definitely needed to hear that. I feel the same way about your blog! I really appreciate the things you write, knowing there is someone else out there who understands and is making it through. It does help and it does bring real encouragement.

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  3. I guess I would say the main point in existing is to love God and all people. That can take a lifetime to perfect. And probably none of us gets that perfect. There was a time I thought my life was pointless, but I was wrong. God has shown me I can be a help to others. I didn’t think that was possible, but he has many, many ways of using us. Your life is important and valuable to God. He can show you what he would like you to do with your life and you will be happy doing that, I think.

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