One of Those Days


It’s been one of those days. Yep, kitchen table is a mess, that’s a load of popcorn and who knows what else all over the floor and the counter is stacked with dirty dishes. It seems as though every time I think I finally have my life figured out, things are back on track, a hurricane comes and rips everything apart, leaving me in the middle of another mess I don’t know how to sort through, like I have no control over anything anymore. I sort of feel like a marionette—my strings being pulled and yanked by some other force. Is this normal? Does everyone feel this way? Or do other people actually have control over their lives? Do things go the way you planned or do they constantly fall apart? Is it me? Is it the mental illness? Or is it just the way life works? Right now, I’m stumped.

3 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. Very normal. Most people numb their pain with TV, drugs, drinking, other vices…and the lucky ones feel the pain constantly. We are all there with you, slugging along.


  2. I think a lot of our lives are like that, mainly because of people. People we are close to have problems, people at our jobs too. This will affect us emotionally and also take up a lot of our time.

    I read once about how patient Jesus was when he was interrupted. His days were interrupted constantly by people wanting something from him or arguing with him on what he was doing. But he always stopped to listen.

    I think we do have some control, but not much. I see plans falling apart quite a lot. Yes, I think life is like that and I guess we need to ask God to help us accept it. Sometimes when things fall apart, God wants them to.


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