Pearls at Dusk

As I’ve mentioned before I used to write a lot of poetry when I was in high school and college. Then the inspiration just sort of died. But in the last year I’ve written four or five poems. I used to crank out that many in a week! Considering I went years without writing a single one I’d say four or five is pretty good. The inspiration has often come after going through something difficult or just when I’ve needed to be inspired. This one came the other night as I watched an almost full moon rising in the east as the sun sank in the west. I hope you enjoy it.

Pearls at Dusk

The yellow moon rises
against a violet sky at dusk,

like a pearl breaking free
of shell
and sea
and salt.

Free to shed soft, delicate light
on a land cast in shadows
and sorrow.

I clutch its glow to my heart,
drink it in to my soul,
treasure up the grace it has given me,
like a whole string of priceless pearls
strung around my neck.

violet moon

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