Will Anyone Ever See Me?

I was looking through old notebooks today and found this poem I wrote. I’m not sure when I wrote it, but it was probably awhile before I got married, which would be over fifteen years now. It’s sort of a rambling one, but the last two lines are still applicable, or at least how I’m feeling right now—heavy in my heart.

Sound of song
blown through cedar
I stand alone
as the snow
whips around my face,
isolation in the
blinding storm
I am the storm
the gray, the bitter cold wind
I see myself alone
blistering snow swirling
around me
I am the gray,
the cold, the wind,
the storm,
I am the song,
I am the song
of the trees,
of the wind blowing
through the trees
I am the song
(he plays) of Nature,
Nature is the song
that’s played in me
(Nature is my song)
blowing with the wind
no one sees me
Will anyone ever see me?



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