Do you ever stop to think about just how much you affect other people before you act? Before you say something, write something, post something, do something? It’s probably human nature not to think about it often. We all get caught up in our own crazy lives to think or care about it. But maybe we should think about it. Maybe we should care.

Because of something that recently happened I was thinking about some posts I’ve written and how I made generalizations or assumptions and written in a harsh tone. I regret it. I wish I hadn’t posted those things. I hate it when people get so wrapped up in their own opinions and causes that they don’t think about how the way they present those opinions and causes can affect and possibly hurt or damage others.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be allowed to share our opinions or progress our causes, but I do think it’s important to do it in the right way. I hope, for the most part, my posts have shown that I’m simply writing about my own experiences and not trying to generalize, stereotype or chastise people. I know there are a few, and like I said, I very much regret those. I’d rather be someone who inspires than one who degrades, berates or makes fun of. I also hope that when others share opinions that are different than mine I can respect them rather than become annoyed or contemptuous. Respect, gratitude and kindness seem to be lacking a lot in society today, but I honestly believe we’d have a better world if people saw how important those things really are. If they saw it and acted upon that rather than impulse or anger.

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