Spiraling Thoughts

What do you do when you feel like you’re in a good place in your life? A place where you finally feel good about yourself, where you think you’re pretty awesome. Not in an egotistical way, but a confident way—because you know you’re trying your hardest, doing your best. And you feel good about that. You feel good about you. What do you do when you’re in that place and other people come along and tell you that you’re not as awesome as you feel, not trying your hardest or doing your best?

Some time ago, someone left this on my doorstep:


I don’t know who left it for me, but it came at a time I needed it, and it has sat on my dresser ever since, as a reminder that I am trying my hardest and doing my best. But it’s hard to keep believing in yourself when others don’t. It’s hard not to wonder if all those people who have told you you aren’t doing enough are actually right. Maybe all this time I’ve been living in a delusion. If so, how do I know what’s true and what’s me just making stuff up? And are we wrong to feel good about ourselves? Are we wrong to think we’re doing good? Are we supposed to judge against ourselves or by what others say?

Lastly, am I the only one who has spiraling thoughts like this?

2 thoughts on “Spiraling Thoughts

  1. It happens to me too, I’ve learned to focus on my own journey, life isn’t a race.
    Even though it gets hard sometimes, we owe it to ourselves to create an environment where we are at peace, if it means distancing ourselves from triggers, so be it 💚

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