Beautiful Lessons Learned

My amazing husband made me this little book:

He sent messages through Facebook asking my friends to write something about me. I was a crying, blubbering mess most of the time I read through it, though there were plenty of smiles and laughs, too. I remembered and learned several things from this.

The first thing I was reminded of was what an amazing, wonderful husband I have who loves and cares about me so much. I was also reminded of how blessed I am to have so many good people around me.

Now, some things I learned. First, we really do make a difference in each other’s lives, even when we can’t see it. People brought up specific examples of things I had said or done that didn’t seem big to me. They were things I did or said simply because that’s me. They were things that I figured anyone would have done. Which leads me to something else I learned—little things, simple things, make a difference. Even if we do or say something that seems small or ordinary to us, even if it’s something anyone would do, if still means something or makes a difference in someone’s life. That means we matter. We all matter because we all make a difference.

Another thing I am in the processing of learning or trying to tell myself is to listen to the positive instead of believing the negative. My husband said he did this because he wanted me to see that there are so many people who love and value me—that there are far more people who think I’m of worth than have told me or made me feel I’m not. A friend also commented on my last blog post that something she does is try to remind herself that her brain is lying to her. That’s what depression is. I have written about and shared this too. Sometimes it is so hard to remember, especially when people have told me to my face what a horrible person I am. But it’s true—there are more people who have said good than bad, and that’s what I need to focus on. That’s what I need to believe. That’s what we all need to believe.

I also learned, from this, how important it is to let people know we appreciate them. Whether we suffer from depression or not, we all get down at times and are hard on ourselves. We all need encouragement and to know we are of worth. I want to be better at letting people know how grateful I am for them and that they have made a difference to me. I also want to be better at seeing the beauty around me—because there is beauty everywhere. In nature and in people. In circumstance and experience. It’s hard to see, sometimes, for those of us with mental illness. It is especially hard for me to see in the winter when my SAD threatens to crush me. But I’m going to try.

I don’t know that all the people who responded to my husband and sent kind and inspiring words will read this. But for those who do, thank you. Thank you, and I love you, and I’m so incredibly grateful for the love and inspiration you have given me. You’ve helped remind me of my worth. I hope you know you are of worth and value too.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Lessons Learned

  1. Tacy, I ❤️You and so does Kevin. We’ve enjoyed so much being in your home and watching live your kids so much. I love your comments when we used to go church on lessons. I appreciate your honesty in how your feeling. Everyone should feel free to express their own truth. You’ve married well. Enjoy it.
    I know what our parents said to us scared us. I still hear them in their voices tell me I’m not good enough, that I was marrying above myself. Nobody cares what you think, so just shut up. Thousand more. I had to forgive them for me, because I was carrying that everywhere. I tell myself they were frustrated at the moment and didn’t think the words went right it my heart, and stayed there. I don’t think they knew anything about child abuse because it was a secret in everyone’s home. It wasn’t talked about. Maybe someday I can share with you my childhood, it’s not pretty but had some fun times to. That’s what makes it hard to figure out why this happened. I think they lived me but showed or I two more the things that hurt my heart. This is not about me but about you. I admire your strength. Your such a good person, mother like almost perfect mother. A great friend a woman I can look up to. Give your self some self love❤️ Trust me you deserve it. If you want to talk you can come over anytime.❤️You ARE ENOUGH

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