Why I Keep Blogging

Lately I’ve been wondering if I should even keep doing my blog. I have over 250 followers, but my posts usually only get a few views, maybe up to fifteen if I’m lucky. Of course I didn’t start this blog thinking I would get millions of followers and thousands of views. I don’t do it with the hopes of becoming famous or anything like that. But it’s still hard to see the point when so few people look at it or seem to care about it.

This got me wondering why I feel the need to blog and why it feels so hard or hurtful to think of ending it. One reason I started this blog was in the hopes that it might make a difference in even one person’s life. Once, a random person commented on one of my posts that what I had written had made a difference. So I guess I did that, and I do feel grateful for it.

Another reason I started it lies in the subtitle of this blog. “Opening a Discussion on Mental Illness.” I really hoped that more people would comment, that this really could be a place to have an open discussion about mental health and mental illness topics and awareness. I also hoped that there would be others who would want to share their stories or perspectives. There have been very few, and often, my husband is the only one who comments. So again, this makes me wonder if I’m really making any kind of difference at all or not.

But I also realized that one reason I keep posting, even though I know I might get let down, is because it is a creative outlet for me. Writing has been a part of who I am since I was ten years old. I shared my writing in English and Creative Writing classes. I had people who actually asked to read my poetry and my stories. Since college I have been in writing groups where I got feedback, interest and encouragement. But it has been years since I have had any of that. Other than a little poetry here and there, this blog is the only creative writing I have done in a very long time. I think about working on my stories again. I think about it all the time, but always talk myself out of it. What’s the point? I’m no good anyway. No one wants to read my writing. Nothing will come of it. So I keep blogging because writing is still a part of me. It is in my blood, something I feel in my soul. I need to keep sharing my writing whether I get a lot of view or not, whether I get any comments or not, whether I’m really opening a discussion or not. It makes a difference in my life. I fear that if I completely stop writing I will lose a huge part of myself and never feel whole again. So I will keep writing and sharing. Because sometimes we need to do things for ourselves.


12 thoughts on “Why I Keep Blogging

  1. You are experiencing what most bloggers discover on WordPress. There are numerous blogs you are competing with, and it’s hard to develop an audience. All I can suggest is: write and post for your own enjoyment and self-discovery.
    You might find a friend in Jeff Cann, who writes about his own mental health circumstances. He’s at https://jefftcann.com.

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  2. I see Brian posted a link on your site. Very nice of him. I’ve got countless posts asking the same sort of questions and griping about my statistics. I dwell in ‘what’s the point’ far too frequently. But, I already know the point. Blogging helped me understand my mental illnesses. Through blogging I developed the language to talk about it. And by blogging about it, I took the teeth out of it. Mental illness is no longer (much of) an embarrassment for me. I’m a serial commenter, so you’re likely to start getting at least one more comment on your posts sometimes.

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  3. That doubt is very real, and it’ll never leave you. So more power to you for carrying on regardless. I’ve written for a living and blogged for many years, and I still get that voice that tells me I’m no good, and that I should stop. Make that voice your friend and it’ll stop being a nuisance. Anyway, wishing you all the best on your journey, and I thought I’d drop by to spur a fellow writer on!

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  4. I do read all of your posts, and they all give me something to think about. I usually can really relate also, even if my own experience is unique. If it would make a difference, I can make a comment on each of your posts. I normally don’t make many comments to people because I feel like I already annoy enough people with my own posts. But I will comment if it helps encourage you. I think it does matter and you do have a wonderful way of expressing yourself.

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    • Thanks DeAnne, that means a lot. I definitely don’t want anyone to feel pressured into commenting, but if you ever want to I would definitely welcome it!


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