Perspective and Growth

Have you ever made an assumption or judgment about someone, sure you know or understand the whole story? Sure you know exactly what they should have done or what you would have done in their place? Then, have you ever found yourself in a similar circumstance and realized you now understand why they did what they did? Maybe you even find yourself thinking the same way or making the same decision. It’s amazing how perspective can change once you’re faced with the same challenge and same decision.

There is a story, that’s not mine to tell, that happened 10-15 years ago. This woman made a decision that I thought was so stupid. So stupid! I couldn’t believe she had made this decision. It seemed unfathomable to me and just plain wrong. All these years later, and I have found myself in a similar situation—not exactly the same, but similar. And I suddenly understand this woman. I understand why she made the choice she did. I understand how she must have felt. I understand how hard it probably was for her, as I’m sure others told her she was stupid and wrong. And I’m ashamed of myself for being so judgmental. Because here I am, hoping for a similar outcome as the one she had because of the choice she made—the one I had thought was stupid and wrong.

I’m so grateful we have the opportunity to learn and grow—in so many different ways. I’m hoping that being able to see things from this different perspective helps me to become less judgmental. I do believe in consequences. But I also believe in love and forgiveness. Those things have brought me peace in difficult times, and I’ve learned through my life that peace is one of the most important things we can have.

Have you ever had a change in perspective? And how have you seen growth in your life?


3 thoughts on “Perspective and Growth

  1. When I medicated my OCD *everything* changed. I’m far more patient, less annoying, less sure of myself than I used to be. Essentially, I’m less of an asshole. When I see people behaving unreasonably, I now usually first consider that they may have a condition that causes that behavior. I’m far more likely to give someone a pass now.

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    • That’s some awesome growth and perspective change. I think sometimes it can be hard to have it unless you’ve gone through something difficult. This is kind of a dumb example, but I’m so impatient when it comes to bad drivers. However, my oldest is learning to drive now, and feel like it is making me more patient. Now when a driver does something stupid I try to be patient and tell myself they might be a student driver-just like I’d hope people would be patient with my daughter. Sometimes it takes going through something to change that perspective for us and help us grow.

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      • Well in my not-so-old age, I’m becoming an absolutely horrible driver. When you see me taking way too long to back out of a parking space, save a bit of patience for me. I need it. I loved it when my kids started driving. I always had a chauffer.

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